The Law of Attraction Summit. Saturday 10th June, 1pm-5pm BST.

What is your biggest goal this year?

In this practical four-hour summit I will show you how to change your results by changing your thinking.

By learning to embed the Law of Attraction into your daily life, you will generate new ideas, get better results and ultimately find fulfilment.

about the summit

The Law of Attraction teaches us that like attracts like, thoughts become things and that what we can conceive, we can achieve.

But how do we translate those ideas into practice? That’s the focus of my seminar.

Day to day life is rarely straightforward. Many of us find that responsibilities, commitments and ties make us feel stuck, which can keep us from realising our dreams. I will help you take small, practical and achievable steps that add up to significant change.

After all, we are a magnet for the things we focus on – whether we want them in our lives or not. That’s because the Law of Attraction is neutral. The trick is to use it to bring more of the things we want towards us.

The most successful people I know buzz with positive energy. They always seem to make the right connection just when they need to. Whether they define it this way or not, they have learnt to apply the Law of Attraction.
I will show you how to develop the habits, routines and mentality that will help you achieve your own success - whatever that looks like to you.

No matter how far away it seems right now, I can help you get there. Despite life’s ups and downs, the summit will make you feel more equipped to embody the Law of Attraction each and every day.

With practice, you will be able to consciously and deliberately bring more of what you want into your life.


Over five hours I will give you practical, useful advice and answer all of your questions.

There are just 100 places on the course so I can help each of you.

All this, for just $37.77!

  1. Refresher on Law of Attraction principles
  2. Creating a huge worthy ideal
  3. The benefit of setting huge goals
  4. Using vibration to get what you want
  5. The importance of self-image
  6. Paradigms and how you get stuck with your current results
  7. Why gratitude is the key to getting more
  8. Creating abundance through thought
  9. Using visualisation to create your new reality
  10. Action, action, action

The Summit is just $37.77. Grab your place now!

‘Terrific - the clearest, most accessible but powerfully written book I've come across and I love how it's not a thousand pages long!’

Deborah Haines

‘I have close to 100 Law of Attraction CDs, and you brought it all together in 10 minutes…’

Jennifer Thomas

‘Thank you for the book, it was a good quick read, straight to the point, so whoever reads it can hit the ground running!’

Fernando Ramirez


Wayne Joe Evans

I have been studying and teaching the Law of Attraction since 2011. In that time I have published four books, three of which went on to become international Amazon bestsellers. Tens of thousands of people have now read them. I’ve also had the pleasure of coaching thousands of people directly, and I help businesses apply the Law of Attraction in their work and management.

When I started this journey, my worthy ideal was to achieve financial freedom. Today, I am able to use my freedom to help others achieve theirs.

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